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  • Jun 25, 2021
  • Comments Off on OGC and Topio Networks Announce New Partnership to Share Latest Innovations in the Location and GeoSpatial Ecosystem
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June 25th, 2021
OGC and Topio Networks Announce New Partnership to Share Latest Innovations in the Location and GeoSpatial Ecosystem

The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and Topio Networks are excited to announce a partnership and a supporting newsfeed dedicated to providing daily updates and trend analysis on the relevant technologies and businesses that make up the global location and geospatial ecosystem.

Designed to help decision-makers, industry analysts, and technology developers keep pace with the accelerating pace of innovation, this newsfeed – updated daily – will provide the latest announcements, news articles, blog posts, funding milestones, and much more to the evolving location community. The collection represents the most up-to-date information from the sector, providing comprehensive insight into the diverse, global location and geospatial ecosystem. The news feed is available here or via newsletter format.

OGC CEO, Dr Nadine Alameh commented: “I am very excited about our partnership with Topio Networks. As geospatial continues to go mainstream and our community of influencers and users grows, the community needs to understand the ‘lay of the land’ from the perspectives of tech innovations and market dynamics. Our partnership with Topio Networks provides that and more in a scalable and comprehensive way – providing to OGC’s members great value and unique insights into our integrated approach of standardization and innovation to build the future of location.”

OGC is the first global industry trade association to offer the new ecosystem tracking platform developed by Topio Networks. Partnering with industry associations helps Topio Networks refine its dynamic, open-access approach to business insights and understand the pace and scope of digital transformation adoption across verticals, use cases, and technologies.

Topio Networks CEO, Philippe Cases commented: “OGC, which has been shepherding the Geospatial Industry since 1994, is leading the standardization and adoption of open standards for location data with its 500 members. As such, they are overseeing a key technology pillar for digital transformation. Furthermore, we believe Nadine and her team are up to the task and will be top-notch partners to help us drive our platform forward. We are proud to welcome them into our family of innovation leaders.”

Through this partnership, OGC and Topio Networks are additionally collaborating on creating a comprehensive “map” of the location and geospatial ecosystem, including organizations, technologies, standards, and more, grouped into a consistent taxonomy. The first version of the landscape and the information about the Geospatial and location data ecosystem are available for download here.

As further value from this first phase of the partnership, OGC and Topio Networks will also co-produce two webinars a year to keep the community updated on the latest happenings in this dynamic industry.

As a final benefit, Topio Networks is offering discounted rates to OGC Members for its advisory and marketing services, which can help OGC Members further refine their understanding of their business or increase their market reach.

About OGC
The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) is an international consortium of more than 500 businesses, government agencies, research organizations, and universities driven to make geospatial (location) information and services FAIR – Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable.

OGC’s member-driven consensus process creates royalty-free, publicly available geospatial standards. Existing at the cutting edge, OGC actively analyzes and anticipates emerging tech trends and runs an agile, collaborative Research and Development (R&D) lab that builds and tests innovative prototype solutions to members’ use cases.

OGC members together form a global forum of experts and communities that use location to connect people with technology and improve decision-making at all levels. OGC is committed to creating a sustainable future for us, our children, and future generations. Contact: [email protected] Visit for more info on our work.

About Topio Networks
Topio Networks, an industry research platform, accelerates markets and businesses by providing detailed information about use cases, verticals and industries. By leveraging our open platform, businesses can benefit from meaningful data insights, market feedback & surveys, and information about the effectiveness of their company thought leadership. In addition, Topio Networks provides market access through events, and lead generation.