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  • Jun 21, 2021
  • Comments Off on Hera Drone Hub and Altitude Angel Union a ‘Giant Step for Urban Drone Environments’
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June 21st, 2021
Hera Drone Hub and Altitude Angel Union a ‘Giant Step for Urban Drone Environments’

London, UK and Zaragoza, Spain; The Hera Drone Hub has today announced Altitude Angel, the world’s most trusted UTM (unified traffic management, or U-Space) technology provider, is to provide UTM through its GuardianUTM Enterprise platform to the world’s first urban test centre in a CTR.


With the inauguration of Hera Drone Hub in March this year, the Spanish city of Zaragoza became the first European city to authorise drone testing and drone pilot training in the Control Zone (CTR) of an airport region within an urban airspace.


The test environment, which will allow operators and pilots to train with drones of up to 500kg in weight, is made up of two TSAs within the Zaragoza CTR which are approx. 2.5 kilometers (1.55 miles) apart.  The River Ebro, which cuts through the city, provides a natural corridor over which drones can operate between the two TSAs.


GuardianUTM Enterprise is an intuitive, cost-effective U-Space platform which was initially developed to support regional and local airports manage drone operations within their managed airspace. Its deployment at the Hera Drone Hub will be its first in a city environment, which as well as demonstrating the platform’s flexibility, also reflects the growing want and need of cities to control and manage the airspace above them.


GuardianUTM Enterprise will provide Hera Drone Hub with a combined view of the airspace in its TSA, enabling the Hub to fulfill its aim of conducting BVLOS operations safely using Altitude Angel’s proven digital authorisation and flight management technology.


Olivier Quero, Altitude Angel, Regional Sales & Partner Manager (EMEA South), said: “The Hera Drone Hub is the next step in demonstrating how cities can adopt U-Space technology to unlock the potential of drones to safely and securely operate in an urban environment. The Hub will provide the blueprint for local and regional councils and governments around the globe who wish to embrace the ‘smart city philosophy’ and enable a strong and sustainable drone economy.”


Miguel Ladrón de Cegama, Chief Technology Officer of Hera Drone Hub, added: “The union between Hera Drone Hub and Altitude Angel represents a giant step towards the incorporation of drones in urban and interurban environments in a completely safe way thanks to the different management and monitoring tools offered by Altitude Angel.


“The alliance also allows the common search for business opportunities and collaboration with other companies, technology development and access to a test bed resulting from the only test space in Europe located in the CTR area and urban environment. The objective of Hera Drone Hub is so all UTM and U-Space developers can test their systems at its facilities in Zaragoza.


“From Hera Drone Hub we are very happy with the incorporation of Altitude Angel technology in our facilities, it will allow us to offer total control of operations to both authorities and operators in an unprecedented way.”


Operators interested in conducting tests at Hera Drone Hub send a request through its website, where they will have to select the type of activity they want to develop; flights, certification, consulting, training or support and acceleration in the project development, before being given permission to fly.




About Altitude Angel:

Altitude Angel is an award-winning provider of UTM (Unified Traffic Management) software, enabling those planning to operate, or develop UTM/U-Space solutions, to quickly integrate robust data and services with minimum effort.


From a consistent, well-documented and standards-based platform, drone manufacturers such as DJI and cutting-edge software developers around the world use our Developer Platform to obtain rich, relevant and local geofencing data, exchange and share flight plans, de-conflict their own flights in real-time and interface with national flight authorisation systems. A growing portfolio of enhanced capabilities help our customers to comply with current and future regulations and interface with changing national systems with only minimal effort.


Altitude Angel’s first party solutions also power some of the world’s leading ANSPs, aviation authorities and Enterprises, including LVNL (Netherlands) and Avinor (Norway), empowering them with new capabilities to safely manage and integrate drone traffic into national operations.


Today, Altitude Angel’s market-defining technology is providing a critical, enabling service on which the future of UTM, especially in controlled airspace, will be built across the globe.


By unlocking the potential of drones and helping national aviation authorities, ANSPs, developers and enterprise organisations, Altitude Angel is establishing new services to support the growth in the drone industry.


Altitude Angel was founded by Richard Parker in 2014 and is headquartered in Reading, UK.


Altitude Angel’s developer platform is open and available to all at


About GuardianUTM:

GuardianUTM enables drone manufacturers and software developers to connect into a rich, dynamic source of accurate, authoritative and relevant information to support geofencing, while offering enhanced UTM capabilities such as a single interface to multi-country flight authorisation.


Its companion product, GuardianUTM O/S, supports all the functionality required to deliver national-grade drone traffic management capabilities to any country that wishes to safely unlock the potential of drones.


Introduction video: