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October 30th, 2018
GEO Jobe COO to Give Keynote Address at Memphis Area Geographic Information Council Conference

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – GEO Jobe is pleased to announce the company’s participation at this year’s Memphis Area Geographic Information Council (MAGIC) Conference. MAGIC is always an important regional event for GEO Jobe, and this year is no exception. This is a must-attend conference for many technology companies in and around Tennessee. We are pleased to announce that GEO Jobe COO, David Hansen, will give the conference keynote address this year.

This year is particularly important for GEO Jobe. Hansen’s talk, Professional Adaptation to Change in Geospatial Technology, looks at how the continued advancement of geospatial technology has enabled people to generate massive amounts of geospatial data without requiring highly specialized knowledge. Hansen comments, “What once took professional expertise has now become commonplace and second nature for our end-users. Therefore, we must adapt as professionals to better serve those end-users and foster growth in the field.”

MAGIC Conference Themes

In addition to this year’s keynote address on the topic of Professional Adaptation to Change in Geospatial Technology, a number of themes will be addressed at this year’s conference, including:

• The March of GIS Technology Desktop
• SHP -> GDB -> Shared GDB -> IMS -> ArcServer -> Web GIS -> What’s Next
• Change of our role: teachers, true analysis, content curators, stewards of the data
• Citizen engagement: Open data, property search, end-users are now used to Google
• SDE vs Datastore
• Data science
• Machine learning
• Spatial-temporal data / Time Space Cubes / Tensors
• Internet of Things

The MAGIC Annual GIS Day Conference (  takes place November 1 and 2 at the Memphis Botanic Garden. Registration is open to anyone (…). This event is a great opportunity for professionals, students, and others in the fields of GIS and remote sensing this is a great opportunity to network and share knowledge in the Memphis region. Since GEO Jobe is headquartered in Nashville, we have strong ties to the GIS/Geospatial community throughout Tennessee. MAGIC is an important event and enables us to connect with many existing partners and clients from the Memphis area.

For more information, visit the Memphis Area Geographic Information Council website (

About David Hansen

David Hansen is the Chief Operating Officer and the Director of the Center for Research and Engineering for GEO Jobe GIS Consulting. David’s interest in GIS began when he took courses in high school. He then went on to earn a degree in Geography, with an emphasis in GIT, and a minor in Comparative Religion from The University of Southern Mississippi. Furthermore, David was a graduate of the Honors College and was Magna Cum Laude. Throughout his career, David has received numerous awards for the advancement of geospatial technologies. Now, David often speaks at conferences and universities around the country on the subjects of data science, machine learning, and the future of geospatial technologies.


The Memphis Area Geographic Information Council (MAGIC) is a nonprofit organization. Their mission is To Promote the profession and education of GIS in the Memphis Area, providing training opportunities and awarding GIS student scholarships, coordinating GIS advocacy, and generally promoting appreciation and participation of GIS to all interested parties – all are goals of MAGIC. MAGIC is headquartered in Shelby County, TN and attracts members from the entire Mid-South region of the United States. Most members fall into a roughly one hundred mile radius around Memphis, although membership is open to anyone.

About GEO Jobe

Founded in 1999, GEO Jobe is a complete GIS service provider. From data creation to application development, GEO Jobe is committed to doing whatever it takes to move our clients into a position where GIS technology can be used in the decision-making process. While many geospatial firms focus on a specific industry, GEO Jobe has a focus on industry independent solutions and offerings. This includes providing data hosting expertise and services, UAV data collection and analysis, and software development. GEO Jobe was an early adopter of the ArcGIS Online platform and has the top three most popular apps in the ArcGIS Marketplace. GEO Jobe strives to extend and push the limits of what is possible using the platform. GEO Jobe has been an Esri business partner for many years and has received multiple awards from Esri including the 2015 Innovative Marketplace Provider and the 2013 Organization Use of ArcGIS Online award.