DUBUQUE, Iowa – Cartegraph, a leader in high-performance government software and services, announced today that Nick Kittle has joined the company as its first-ever government performance and innovation coach. In this new role, Kittle will lead local governments through their high-performance journey and empower them to become more effective, efficient and productive for their citizens.

“Cartegraph is changing the way cities, counties and states do business, and we recognize that local governments need more than just software to overcome the critical challenges they’re facing. Instead, the solution lies in their people, their processes, and how they leverage their technology,” said Jake Schneider, president and CEO. “Nick’s endless enthusiasm for local government will help us build high-performance cultures and leaders who are ready to take on new solutions, advance business processes, and leverage data for every decision.”

In his new position, Kittle will craft a coaching program for a range of government workers—from elected officials and department directors to crew supervisors and field professionals—and use a variety of techniques to help assess and improve organizational readiness along the journey to becoming a high-performance government. This includes helping the public sector build more effective and innovative teams, develop more efficient processes, and produce measurable, actionable results.

“I am proud to be partnering with Cartegraph on their vision of supporting high-performance government in more local governments across the country. We share a vision of helping government be the best version of itself and believe government is here to do together that which we cannot—or should not—do alone,” said Kittle. “After meeting with the Cartegraph team, it’s clear that this is a company that believes in supporting those who service our citizens, and I am proud to be joining the journey of communities across the country as part of this process.”

Before joining the Cartegraph team, Kittle served as the chief innovation officer of Adams County, Colorado, where he managed the organization’s performance, innovation, sustainability, business solutions, and training and development efforts. Nick’s team won the 2017 Outstanding Achievement in Local Government Award from the Alliance for Innovation, and prior to his work in Adams County, Nick worked in roles such as public works director, administrative services director, and innovation and sustainability director—founding one of the first five civic innovation offices in the country.

Throughout his career, Kittle has owned and sold his own company, worked for Fortune 100 companies, managed 17 separate government divisions, and helped implement over 65 unique or first-of-its-kind pilot projects. He is a nationally recognized civic innovator and public speaker, pioneered the concept of “innovation value,” and trains local governments across the country on innovation techniques.

About Cartegraph:

Cartegraph, headquartered in Dubuque, Iowa, empowers cities and counties to become high-performance organizations. They offer services and software to help local government agencies manage assets effectively, deploy resources efficiently and become more productive for the benefit of their citizens. For more information, please visit www.cartegraph.com.