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September 10th, 2014
MicroSurvey Layout 2 Revamps Construction Layout, Adds Video Streaming Capability

The latest release offers improvements in the following areas:

  • Redesigned Layout Routine – Accelerate construction layout with the significantly improved layout graphics and workflows. In addition to the traditional map view, you can now choose Compass view or Grid view. Different viewing directions can be selected to suit your preferences, and a new “Next Point” routine provides you with a variety of options to select the next point to lay out.
  • Powerful Video Streaming – Visually define scan areas when using instruments with integrated scanning capabilities, like the Leica Nova MS50 MultiStation, and automatically transfer and export point cloud data.
  • Automatic Instrument Reconnection – Improve your productivity by allowing the software to automatically reconnect to the previous instrument when the application first starts up or after a connection has been dropped.
  • Streamlined Project Creation – Improve work efficiency with centralized project settings that can be set as a default for future use. This combined with instrument reconnection allows you to create a new project and go to map view with only two clicks.
  • Faster Bluetooth Connections – Easily switch between instruments with a new Bluetooth Device Manager that stores device information.
  • Simplified NTRIP Caster Management – Save all your NTRIP settings in the caster manager and easily connect to NTRIP casters without re-entering the settings.
  • Advanced Export Options – Define custom formats and unlimited fields in the ASCII export screen.
  • Multiple Backsight Calculations – Combine multiple control points/directions and calculate a more accurate backsight orientation using the new multi-backsight routine.
  • GNSS Tolerance Override – Store GNSS measurements even when position tolerance is exceeded. A warning icon is displayed when storing points with inadequate status.

The already long list of supported coordinate systems, geoids, instruments, and data collectors has been expanded in the newest version of Layout, making it easy to integrate into any existing construction operation.

“For Layout 2, our entire focus has been on streamlining existing workflows to improve productivity for new and existing users,” said Jason Poitras, General Manager of MicroSurvey. “All of the workflow improvements substantially lower the learning curve and make it much easier to use day in and day out.”

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