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May 8th, 2013
Leica GR25 WLAN-enabled GNSS Reference Server Provides Unique Internet Sharing

The Leica GR25 WLAN offers internet connectivity along with other interface devices (LAN, Mobile phone GPRS/UMTS, Serial, USB), and allows smart and secure access to the built-in web interface, FTP server or any configured data stream. With its modular and scalable design the reference server will grow with users’ needs and keep their GNSS applications and networks fully up to date. It is designed for numerous permanent and semi-permanent GNSS network installations and monitoring applications. Including RTK and static networks, single base station, field campaigns, structural monitoring, atmospheric and seismic studies and offshore positioning. 

Upgradeable for future needs at low costs
Through Leica Geosystems’ modern ‘Future Proof’ design the GR25 is prepared for today and ready for tomorrow, by allowing upgrade of all the key hardware parts, such as tracking, memory, power and communications. This allows customers to always keep up with the latest technology advances at minimum cost and only when really needed. The GNSS Reference Server just like a data center server has many requirements for reliable operation, such as backup power supplies, redundant data communications, secured access and an easy way to monitor all the servers activities.
New GR25 with WLAN module
With its new integrated WLAN, yet another dimension of flexibility to interface with the Leica GR25 is available.  The connection to a WLAN access point offers primary or backup connectivity along with all other interface devices (LAN, Mobile phone GPRS/UMTS, Serial, USB) and allows smart and secure access to the built-in web interface, FTP server or any configured data stream. Even without using an access point the GR25 WLAN supports the direct wireless connection with another device, e.g. to open the receivers web interface from your Smartphone without internet access. Your installation and system operation becomes easier and much more flexible, as no network cables need to be drawn to the physical location of the GR25.
Internet connection sharing
Along with the new GR25 WLAN the new version 3.00 of RefWorx firmware now offers a flexible internet connection sharing, also referred to as residential gateway sharing. This allows the reference server internet gateway interface to be shared with other devices connected with the LAN interface of the GR-series server. When for example using the GR10 or GR25 in a remote locations where only a mobile phone device can be used to access the internet, then the Ethernet or WLAN can be used by connected devices to access the internet as well.  In this way other computers or network devices attached to Ethernet or WLAN can access the internet through the GR10 or GR25 servers routing functionality.  No additional routing devices are needed any more, when using a Leica GR10 or GR25 reference server.
Site Monitor – Tailored positioning
As versatile as the applications of an Leica GR Sseries GNSS Reference Servers can be as adaptive are the self-positioning capabilities of the new on-board RefWorx Site Monitor.  Users have now the flexibility to select their preferred positioning modes out of three options tailored for their application.  Supported modes are “Reference Station” for the classical static site monitoring, the “Monitoring” for the more dynamic structural and environmental monitoring, and the “Network RTK” mode to examine the behaviour of a potential rover system working in the proximity of this reference station location.  For all operations the positions can be transferred via standard NMEA output to further analysis applications such as Leica SpiderQC.
GNSS Modernization – Future Proof design
GNSS Modernization is an ongoing process. The modular GNSS tracking engine allows upgrade when new signals structures are finally published. With a unique exchangeable measurement engine, network providers can keep up-to-date with the latest GNSS signals, without having to exchange the whole server every few years, securing their investment into the long term. All GR-Series GNSS Reference Servers support a variety of GNSS signals including L1, L2, L5 and supports Galileo tracking including AltBOC, And it is already prepared for the Chinese BeiDou and Japanese QZSS signals, that have already been successfully tracked with our engineering systems.
Seamless Integration into Leica Spider Software Suite 
The Leica GR-Series is designed to be an integral part of the Leica GNSS Spider software solutions for network RTK, monitoring and scientific studies, working seamlessly with GNSS Spider, SpiderWeb, SpiderQC and the Leica CrossCheck Computation and Monitoring Service.
The Leica GR25-WLAN and RefWorx V3.00 are immediately available. For more information please contact your Leica Geosystems sales representative.
For detailed information about the new Leica GR25 please visit: