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July 3rd, 2012
STONEX Europe Reveals the New S7 Touch Screen GPS

The handheld computer is equipped with a touch screen 3.7 “high resolution 640×480 pixel display, readable in direct light conditions and protected by a scratch-resistant film that allows surveyor to operate outdoors in complete safety thanks to a strong housing resistant to shock, dust, vibration, water spray and extreme temperatures (-20 ° / +60 °). All this is certified according to IP65.

The S7 handheld is compact, ergonomic and with a reduced size and weight, only 234 mm in length, 99 mm wide and 925g in weight is powered by a processor Marvell Xscale PXA-310 806MHz, 256 Mb of RAM and Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional operating system. To increase performance and to load the data for their job is available an SD card slot for external memory (up to 16 GB).
The Li-Ion battery provides up to eight hours of operations. The battery can be replaced in seconds, with convenient mechanism for quick removal.
S7 are equipped with a digital camera with 5 megapixel resolution to capture high-definition pictures and enhance the collected data, S7 is a handy platform for collecting and maintaining geographic data.

The handheld S7 STONEX ® Europe integrates a GSM/GPRS that provides a fast and efficient internet connection directly on the field, and the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology allows the user to transfer data quickly and conveniently on big distances. The modem provides access to data at any time you need, such as an online mapping service, or offers the possibility to improve the accuracy of data, using a connection to real time differential correction networks.
Other devices such as laser rangefinders, barcode readers and external sensors can be connected using Bluetooth built-in technology.
S7 is equipped with a mini USB port for data transfer.

S7 series: S, D and G

S series
STONEX S7-S is an handheld computer equipped with a 12 channels GPS receiver (L1, GPS, SBAS) to ensure sub-meter accuracy even in harsh environments. S7-S has been designed to collect data in a quick and accurate way, as well as efficiently inspect and stake out assets. The S7-S is equipped with the software GeoGis, developed by STONEX ® Europe.

D series
STONEX S7-D adds a more powerful GPS receiver system, thanks to the 14 channels GNSS L1 C/A + phase capabilities, tracking  GPS, GLONASS and SBAS. S7 D is equipped with GeoGis1 or CUBE, both developed by STONEX® Europe.

G series
STONEX S7-G, the Hi end S7 Serie, is recommended both for high accuracy GIS and centimetric Surveying.
Equipped with a 120 channels GNSS receiver (L1/L2, GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, COMPASS, SBAS), gives a centimeter accuracy when used with the optional external antenna.
S7 G is available in different bundle configurations,  with GeoGis1 or CUBE, both developed by STONEX® Europe and Carlson Surv CE.

*S7-G series may be also integrated with Carlson SurvCE software

1 GeoGis: STONEX® Europe software
GeoGis software is a powerful yet simple solution for the collection of high quality feature and position data for GIS update and maintenance. GeoGis software provides simple and efficient workflows to capture high quality data quickly and easily.

GeoGis software consists of two integrated modules: GeoGis Mobile for the field work and GeoGis Office for desktop elaboration. With GeoGis you never have to worry about which application to use to manage and transfer your data. With GeoGis software the workflow is straight and simple, from the field to the office and vice versa.

STONEX GeoGis software makes the field data collection fast and easy to do thanks to a full set of field-designed features, such as graphical map display, clear icon toolbar and useful calculation tools. STONEX GeoGis software also makes it easy to incorporate digital photos into the data collection workflow using an handheld with integrated digital camera. Field workers can take and preview photos, attaching them to the features and create complete set of data for many different purposes.

2 CUBE: STONEX® Europe GNSS software
Entirely developed and realized by STONEX R&D Lab, Cube is the brand-new software for GNSS survey with mobile devices. Its integration with S7 GNSS (D and G series) receivers makes Cube the essential tool for professionals day-to-day work. Cube combines a fresh and easy interface with a simple and powerful workflow for the user.

Cube Software and S7 GNSS (D and G series) receivers were developed in coordination permitting the introduction of many functional innovations thanks to this important synergy. Operations on surveyed data are extremely trustful, job management is simple, archive and recover data options are smart and powerful. Cube implements strong configuration task for the receiver and its components, fast and user friendly interface thanks to its logical and well organized access menu and an absolute control on data and corresponding parameters.

Cube’s revolutionary survey system allows point or surveyed entity definition code (attributes) with one click. Cube software and its intuitive interface show all the necessary elements always on screen and maximize the productivity closing complex operations with extreme simplicity.

Company Profile
STONEX®Europe srl is a multinational company, based in Lissone (MB), which deals with the design and manufacture of surveying instruments for high precision applications in civil engineering, surveying, security, transport and mining. STONEX Europe is always characterized by its high standards of quality, precision, efficiency and reliability, allowing each project to become a landmark ageless. The company operates in over fifty countries, with a full range of products through a network of highly qualified distributors and resellers.