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September 23rd, 2011
New Portable Mapping Technology imajbox Available in Australia

Imajbox® is a revolutionary means of producing network images in large volumes from non-dedicated vehicles. It can be mounted in a minute on any vehicle, whether on roads, rail or water. Network imaging surveys can be conducted with great efficiency and images delivered and processed quickly for data extraction. imajbox® makes it feasible to regularly refresh the images of a network.

A chain of custom software tools makes it possible to extract from the images geo-referenced data of any type of interest in a network. This can be used, for example, to build and update maps and GIS layers to support installation and maintenance budgetary decision-making or for day-to-day surveillance and maintenance of the network.

Applications include infrastructure design, footpath and pavement management, assets inventory, video logging, linear referencing construction, 3D reconstruction and GIS data production.

Its low cost and extreme ease of use makes imajbox® the most cost-effective mobile mapping technology available today.

puredata currently offers both services and products, giving the client freedom of choice from full service to full autonomy in data collection, processing and interpretation.

This unique position in the market, with the full support of the R&D team of imajing, offers clients tailored solutions for data collection, GIS update, data analysis and data sharing within their organization.

“After having developed and deployed our own, in-house, proprietary data capture systems, puredata understands the challenges and complexity involved in providing a cost efficient and productive service to the market. After an extensive search, we are delighted to have found in the imajing system, such well engineered, state-of-the-art digital data capture and mobile mapping technology. We are very impressed with the imajing team and the depth of their software and engineering capabilities,” said Rishi Viner, Managing Director, puredata. “puredata is excited to have been granted by imajing the exclusive distributorship for this technology in Australia and are looking forward to deploying it in puredata’s current and new markets.”

Imajing designs a chain of tools to survey, manage, visualize and share information for the management of transportation and infrastructure networks. It can be used in vehicles on roads, railways or inland waterways.

imajbox® is used to produce and regularly refresh network data consisting of images and accurate location data. imajnet® is used to share the information amongst many users through web services, web applications and ArcGIS plug-in.

The imajing team works in support of engineering companies, service providers, civil engineering works, local authorities and infrastructure managers,