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June 19th, 2014
Aussie Data Mobilises Local Consumers for Business

The integration of MDS’ custom datasets equip Moasis Global’s mobile Geo-Grid™ marketing platform with accurate and detailed information on Australian and New Zealand suburbs, boundaries, postcodes and regional council locations.

MDS General Manager Cassandra Barker said the solution means global businesses can tailor their Australian advertising to make it relevant to where a consumer is at a particular point in time.

“The solution allows businesses to deploy targeted mobile advertising messages to a very specific area,” Ms Barker said.

“For example, a burrito bar could customise its advertising messages depending on where a customer may be located – providing a discount for students at a nearby university while offering the patrons of the neighbourhood hotel a completely different deal.

“This is a new era of mobile advertising like we’ve never seen before.”

Moasis Global Vice President, Business Development and Emerging Markets Tim Garcia said the platform was already in use in the US, while Aussie businesses will have access to the technology through local partner Snakk Media.

“The challenge in the past has been that US-developed datasets lacked geo-location data specific to Australia – so advertisers ran the risk of missing their target market with a campaign,” Mr Garcia said.

“Basic regionalised differences – such as the differences between cities and towns – were missing from the data we had available.

“This kind of regional understanding can’t be deduced through postcodes alone.

“Now, with this Aussie dataset, advertisers can be confident that their message is being delivered to specific audiences in specific locations throughout Australia.”  

Moasis Global CEO Ryan Golden said the datasets delivered by MapData Services were vital for his company to deliver the innovative marketing approach into Australia.

“Australia and New Zealand are important countries for Moasis,” Mr Golden said.

“Our business development team is looking steps ahead with key players around the world to bring our products to market effectively.”