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April 2nd, 2014
1Spatial Demonstrates How to Unlock the Potential of Spatial Data Through Innovation, Automation and Efficiency at Locate14 Conference

A presentation entitled ‘National Spatial Data: Unlocking the Potential Through Innovation, Automation and Efficiency’ will be given by Chris Tagg, Head of Product Management for 1Spatial.

According to Tagg, organisations such as national and state mapping and cadastral agencies, utilities companies and local governments often struggle to meet the demands of industry and consumers for up-to-date and accurate spatial data. They are often hampered by the production and management of multiple different spatial data products with their own individual workflows and systems to support them.

1Spatial will demonstrate how to consolidate multiple production flowlines into a single data capture and maintenance process from which all data products are created. It will show how the creation of a single, seamless, editable ‘product-ready’ database allows organisations to efficiently design and launch new and different spatial data products.

Automation plays a critical role in meeting the performance requirements that these large spatial databases must now meet. At Locate14, 1Spatial will demonstrate how to minimise the amount of human intervention in order to facilitate ‘straight-through processing’ of spatial transactions.

“Straight-through processing was first used in financial sectors to automate trading and reduce the large number of complex and error-prone manual processes required to process trades, which often took days to complete,” says Tagg. “By utilising the same proven workflow and enterprise technologies, spatial transactions can also be completed using automated methods.”

1Spatial has extensive experience delivering transformation, management and product generation for very large spatial databases in a number of National Mapping and Cadastral Agencies and other data publishers including Ordnance Survey Great Britain, Ordnance Survey Ireland, IGN France, GTS in Denmark, AdV in Germany and PSMA in Australia.

With the launch of 1Spatial Management Suite the component technologies to support all aspects of spatial big data management are now available as either stand-alone products or together as the 1Spatial Management Suite. Visitors to Locate14 will be able to visit 1Spatial at booth number 1 and see a demonstration of 1Spatial Management Suite.

1Spatial Management Suite links together 1Spatial’s powerful and scalable product portfolio, enabling users to rapidly respond to real-time scenarios and ensure their data is always current, accurate and trustworthy. It allows users to increase productivity and reduce operational costs and risks by adopting an automated approach to data management. The suite is underpinned by enterprise database and Service Oriented Architecture technology from industry leaders including Oracle.

Chris Tagg will be presenting from 11:15am, 9 April in the Menzies Theatrette at the National Convention Centre Canberra. The Locate14 Conference and Exhibition takes place from 7-9 April 2014. For further details see:

About 1Spatial
1Spatial technology provides the foundations for spatial data management and processing solutions for organisations around the world. Its rules-based approach to capturing, validating, and managing spatial big data enables customers to process and analyse information in a way that traditional technologies do not allow. 1Spatial operates globally, and has a portfolio of customers both in the Commercial and Government sector, with headquarters in Cambridge, UK and offices in Ireland and Australia.
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