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January 31st, 2014
ION Announces 2013 Annual Award Winners

Dr. Jacques Georgy received the Early Achievement Award for contributions to portable and indoor navigation using MEMS inertial sensors on consumer devices. The Early Achievement Award is presented in recognition of outstanding contributions made early in one’s career.

Captain Alexander Dufault received the Superior Achievement Award for his dedication as MC-130P Navigator in developing and executing new techniques, increasing the full range employment and navigation prevision of the MC-130P Combat Shadow.  The Superior Achievement Award is presented to an individual demonstrating outstanding accomplishments as a practicing navigator.

Dr. Young Chang Lee received the Dr. Samuel M. Burka Award for his paper “New Advanced RAIM with Improved Availability for Detecting Constellation Wide Faults, Using Two Independent Constellations” published in the Spring 2013 issue of NAVIGATION, Journal of The Institute of Navigation, Vol. 60, No. 1, pp. 71-83. The Dr. Samuel M. Burka Award recognizes outstanding achievement in the preparation of a paper contributing to the advancement of the art and science of positioning, navigation and timing.

Dr. Mikel Miller received the Captain P. V. H. Weems Award for his contributions to the management and encouragement of advanced navigation research and for his service to The Institute of Navigation. The Captain P. V. H. Weems Award is presented to individuals for continuing contributions to the art and science of navigation.

Dr. Mark Psiaki received the Tycho Brahe Award For exceptional contributions to the theory and practice of spacecraft attitude and orbit determination and to the advancement of GNSS algorithms for satellite navigation. The Tycho Brahe Award is given in memory of Mary Tornich Janislawski, developer of the Mark II Plotter, a charter member of The Institute of Navigation, the first woman to have received an ION Annual Award, a civilian aviation instructor, a teacher at the University of California at Berkeley and Stanford and a respected author. This award has been generously endowed by Col. Leonard Sugerman (USAF, Ret.), a past president of The Institute of Navigation (1970–1971).
Dr. Yu (Jande) Morton received the Thomas L. Thurlow Award for significant contributions to the understanding of ionospheric effects on navigation satellite signals, development of several innovative signal processing algorithms and dedication to navigation education.  The Thomas L. Thurlow Award recognizes outstanding contributions to the science of navigation.

Mr. Ronald Braff received the Distinguished Service Award in recognition of more than 24 years of service to NAVIGATION, The Journal of The Institute of Navigation. The Distinguished Service Award is presented for extraordinary service to The Institute of Navigation.

A special recognition was given to the GPS III SLR Implementation Team in grateful recognition for the multi-year effort to make the implementation of laser retro-reflector on GPS III a reality and enhance its performance and interoperability for generations to come. GPS SLR Implementation Team Members included Adde, Barbara, Ballenger, Allan, Col (Ret.), Bar-Sever, Yoaz, Dr., Beard, Ronald L., Bolden, Charles Jr., Honorable, Buckman, David, Col (Ret.), Carter, David, Davis, Mark, Dobson, Craig, Freilich, Michael, Dr., Garver, Lori, Honorable, Gruber, Bernard, Col (Ret.), Hothem, Larry, Hudnut, Kenneth, Dr., Johnson, Thomas, Dr., Kaye, Jack, Kehler, Robert, Gen, Koch, Janelle, Maj, LaBrecque, John L., Dr., Lewis, Kirk, Long, Letitia, Madden, David, Col (Ret.), Malys, Stephen, Merkowitz, Stephen, Dr. Miller, James J., Moreau, Michael, Dr., Oria, A.J., Dr., Pace, Scott, Dr., Pavlis, Erricos, Dr., Pearlman, Michael, Dr., Puhek, James, Col, Rosenberg, Robert, Maj Gen (Ret.), Scolese, Christopher Shelton, William, Gen, Skalski, Hank, Slater, James, Standley, Vaughn, Dr., Thomas, Linda, Dr. Weinberg, Norm, Wetzel, Scott, Whelan, Martin, Maj Gen, Yelle, Ray, Younes, Badri, National Space-Based PNT Advisory Board co-chaired by: Dr. James Schlesinger and Dr. Bradford Parkinson.

About ION
The Institute of Navigation is the world’s premier professional society dedicated to the advancement of the art and science of positioning, navigation and timing. The Institute is a national organization whose membership spans worldwide. Additional information about the ION can be found at