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July 8th, 2013
Location Media Alliance Announce Strategic Partnership with Producers of Geospatial Revolution

The Location Media Alliance (LMA) is focused on bringing more awareness to the business, technology, applications, and policy aspects of location technologies. “Video is the best visually engaging storytelling vehicle to broadcast the location story to millions of people who do not yet appreciate the role of geospatial or location technologies at work or in their daily lives,” said Myrna James Yoo, LMA member and owner/publisher of Apogeo Spatial (formerly Imaging Notes).

Geospatial Revolution, a series of four videos developed by Penn State Public Television, exposed thousands of students and millions of people to the role of geospatial technologies in everyday life, from monitoring climate change, preventing hunger, and tracking disease to enabling better city planning. “We are looking forward to working with the LMA on a ‘Location Lens’ video series and other opportunities that bring more awareness to the role of location technologies in so many other areas such as business, smart cities and smart buildings, security, public health and safety…” said Joe Myers, partner in storyshop.

About the Location Media Alliance
The Location Media Alliance is a media consortium dedicated to promoting the power of location analytics and geospatial and remote sensing technologies to improve our world—socially, politically, and economically—with more efficient businesses, smarter built environments, and the better stewardship of our planet’s scarce resources. It serves as a coordinated media and advertising platform to better reach the diversity of location users across industries and organizations. For more information on The Location Media Alliance please visit

About the LMA publications:

  • Sensors & Systems provides details on new and existing frameworks of instrumented and interconnected networks and decision support tools to monitor and adapt to global change with daily online news and a weekly newsletter.
  • Apogeo (formerly Imaging Notes) communicates the power of geospatial tools and technologies in managing the world’s scarce resources and environment, so that the global population has security—of water, food and energy with a quarterly print publication and monthly eNews. Reporting is in-depth and exclusive about the uses of geospatial solutions worldwide.;
  • Informed Infrastructure promotes the combination of sensor inputs, simulation and modeling to tune infrastructure design for the greatest efficiency through both online news and a weekly newsletter. Areas of coverage include smart grids, water, transportation, facility management, and smart cities.
  • LBx Journal covers the use of location technologies to drive operations, logistics, marketing and sales, customer experience, and strategic planning within businesses. We are location in the language of business. Areas of coverage include business applications, executive interviews, infographics, business cases and case studies for Retail, Agribusiness, Communications, Real Estate, Financial Services, and more.
  • Asian Surveying & Mapping provides news and a weekly e-newsletter focused on geospatial technology application in Asia-Pacific. Areas of coverage include surveying, positioning, GIS, and remote sensing tools and case studies.

About storyshop llc
storyshop llc is a partnership of three accomplished film/video documentarians:  
Joe Myers, Stephanie Ayanian, and Tom Keiter, all successful filmmakers for public television programs, independent films and commercial projects.  The group, with a developed expertise in real-people stories,  has formed a new partnership to focus on visual storytelling and is developing and producing independent documentary projects with a focus on public media and educational applications.  Prior to forming storyshop, the group developed and produced the Geospatial Revolution video series for Penn State Public Broadcasting.

Collectively, work has been recognized with numerous screenings and awards:

• Invited screenings, INPUT, 2012 and 2013
• Emmy Awards, multiple regional awards Academy of Television Arts and Sciences
• CINE Golden Eagle
• International Film and Video Festival, multiple Silver Screen Awards
• American Film Festival, multiple Blue and Red Ribbon Awards
• National Educational Film Festival
• Action on Film Festival
• Council for the Advancement and Support of Higher Education
• Public Relations Society of America
• National Association of Government Communicators
• Pennsylvania Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence
• American Academy of Engineering Societies, Journalism Award