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January 3rd, 2013
GeoNext Conference Brings Together Geo users, Businesses, and Developers

Greg Storey is Head of VISA’s Asia-Pacific, Central Europe, Middle East and Africa, and will give a keynote entitled “Mobile/NFC Payments – covering location based marketing; security and monetisation,” which will tell how the future of digital wallets will provide a revolutionary platform for the mobile application ecosystem.

While the mobile phone platform has seen a convergence of voice, video, apps and location technology, missing to date have been safe, frictionless payment facilities.

In his keynote, Greg will talk of some of the emerging e-wallet technologies that await us, and how this payment infrastructure will provide a platform for a commercial revolution in mobile applications, and create a paradise for innovators.

In addition to the great speakers, there will also be a Startup Showcase, where Australia’s greatest innovators have a chance to present their latest idea to real investors, and gain feedback on it, as well as some valuable industry exposure.

If you’re building a new location-based service, and are keen for some exposure, to gain some valuable feedback, and a chance to win some prizes, then you should submit your company to the startup showcase at

GeoNext, has been created to bring together the existing and emerging threads of geo users, businesses, and developers in the certainty that there is an immense opportunity in sharing, inspiring and connecting these geo threads.

This opportunity is driving the GeoNext team to making GeoNext the premier event for geo-innovation and leadership in Australia in a few short years.

Registrations and sponsorship opportunities for GeoNext 2013 are still available. For more information and to register, visit


For information on sponsorship opportunities, visit or contact Troy Hale“> or phone (02) 8586 6128.


GeoNext will run on the 27 February at the Australian Technology Park in Sydney.