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September 20th, 2012
Pole Star, A World Leader For Indoor Positioning

“Over the next two years, we expect that most mobile commerce companies will offer some sort of context-enriched service, and obviously, Indoor Positioning service is the “must have” to be successful” says Christian Carle, Pole Star CEO in Palo Alto.

Pole Star, founded in 2002 in Toulouse (France), is by far the most mature company on the indoor positioning market with ten years proven industry experience. NAO Campus, the Pole Star indoor positioning solution, becomes an invaluable personal assistant, allowing venues’ owners to interact directly and in real-time with their customers.

Pole Star already has an impressive customer portfolio including airports, malls, and convention centers throughout the world along with an extensive, trusted partner network. Today more than 43 million square feet are covered and “NAO Campus ready”.

In 2011, Pole Star opened North American headquarters in Palo Alto, California, to springboard its global expansion strategy.

NAO Campus®, the benchmark in indoor positioning technology

NAO Campus, powers the most innovative mobile applications. Based on a unique and powerful fusion and hybridization engine combining multiple technologies supplemented by advanced filtering techniques, NAO Campus is the most accurate, reliable, cost-effective and flexible indoor positioning solution on the market today. NAO Campus is compatible with Android and iPhone, which together comprise more than 80% of the mobile market.

With this fully integrated solution, NAO Campus powered mobile apps enables visitors in airports, malls, or any public building to have access to location-aware, profile-driven information and services such as location based couponing, navigation, turn-by-turn guidance, point-to-point distance and time estimates, accessibility information for the disabled and much more.

Thanks to NAO Campus, venue owners can communicate directly with their customers at the right time and in the right place, opening up vast new possibilities to increase revenue streams. The solution also provides strategic marketing information such as visitor flow and behavior-based statistics.

NAO Campus is already available in major venues around the world such as Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport on behalf of Aéroport de Paris with over 6.5 million square feet covered or Les 4 Temps shopping Mall in Paris-La Defense on behalf of UNIBAIL RODAMCO, with over 2 million square feet of coverage. Each of these venues has their own NAO Campus-powered application, My Way Aéroports de Paris and Les 4 temps.

Pole Star does away with the constraints of implementation to make indoor location accessible anywhere and to everyone

“Pole Star, offers a quick and easy deployment process, standardizes the implementation of Indoor location and extends access to the Indoor Location service anywhere in the world!” says Christian Carle.

The NAO Campus tool suite has been designed to allow partners to deploy indoor positioning services rapidly and efficiently anywhere while guaranteeing optimized performance. Pole Star has tools and provides a multi-network approach to adapt the solution to any environment.

As the technology is also continually evolving, Pole Star invests 30% of its revenue in R&D. The company continues to expand its partnership network which includes Wi-Fi operators, map services, navigation component developers, mobile content management platforms, mobile telecom operators and OS manufacturers.

According to Pyramid Research, the Location Based-Services (LBS) market will represent $10 Billion by 2015 in the US.

Pole Star Key Figures:
• Created in 2002
• 1.2 million dollars in revenue in 2011
• 43 million square feet covered by the solution
• 30% of Pole Star’s revenue invested in R&D
• 20 employees, including 12 experts in GPS, digital telecommunications, signal processing, system engineering and software development

For more information about Pole Star and their products visit