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September 5th, 2012
MapData Services Expands Data Portfolio with Sensis Partnership

MapData Services General Manager Cassandra Barker said the agreement enhanced their data offering significantly.

“Whereis Maps is one of the most trusted sources of online navigation data in Australia – and definitely a leading supplier of digital navigation and mapping,” Ms Barker said.

“MapData Services has long held a reputation for possessing one of the most comprehensive data portfolios in the region – and now, with the inclusion of Whereis Maps data, we are confident we have the broadest digital mapping data offering in Australia and New Zealand.”

Ms Barker said the agreement strengthens MapData Services’ ability to service a wider range of clients.

“We know that for many organisations out there, truly independent advice is hard to come by – but at MapData Services, it’s a point of difference we’re fiercely committed to,” said Ms Barker.

“Adding Whereis Maps to our supplier’s network means our company truly is a one-stop-shop for location-based data and mapping products, so we can provide our clients with genuinely ‘best of breed’ solutions.”

Location Navigation’s General Manager, Fred Curtis said the arrangement strengthens Location Navigation’s ability to service the growing demand for location-based data.

“As part of the Esri Australia group of companies, MapData Services has established a market presence that belies their size,” said Mr Curtis.  

“Not only does this agreement mean MapData Services can provide their clientele with access to Whereis Maps’ highly routable navigational points of interest data, it also opens the door for Australia’s broader GIS community to leverage it as well.”

As part of the agreement, MapData Services will have access to the entire Whereis Maps data portfolio, including flagship product StreetNet and the soon-to-be-launched product Locator – a comprehensive address point database.

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